Muddy Mates

De leukste modder race van het jaar

Muddy Mates get fit plan

Week 1

Run for 3 minutes with a slow pace and at the end do 2 squats. Run for another 3 minutes followed by 4 squats at the end. Keep running for 3 minutes intervals and add 2 extra squats every time you've finished your 3 minutes of running.

After 10 rounds your done so your last round will be 3 minutes of running followed by 20 squats.

If you've not done a squat before then watch our video below. Enjoy!

Week 2

Run for 5 minutes with a slow pace followed by a sprint of 30 seconds. Then walk for one minute. Repeat this 5 times and then do the "After Party".

After Party: 30 seconds of air squats followed by 30 seconds of flat belly burpees. Rest for one minute. Repeat this x 4.

If you've not done a flat belly burpee before then watch the video below.  The video for airsquats in a previous week.

Week 3

Try to find your self a steep hill or bridge.

Go for a slow run for 10 minutes that ends at the beginning of the hill or bridge that you've chosen.

Do 10 airsquats and then sprint to the top of the hill or bridge as fast as you can. Walk down easily and shake off your legs. This is your rest.

When you're at the beginning point directly start again with the 10 airsquats and sprint to the top. Keep repeating this for 6-8 times.

When you're finished go for a slow run again for 10 minutes. did it again Muddy Mate :)

Week 4

Find yourself a nice spot outside with a soft underground, like grass, where you can start your workout.

Go for a slow run (5-7 minutes) to warm up and make some arm swings while running to warm up your shoulders.

Now do the following video workout below.

Go for a slow run again (18-20 minutes) and end with the same video workout again.

You're a step closer to a good performance at Muddy Mates.

See you soon :)

Week 5

Long run 45 minutes

Today we only focus on the running. Try to keep your pace low so you can complete the long run without any breaks. If you feel like losing too much energy than you are running too fast. Slow is the keyword. The focus is on completing the time of 45 minutes not a particular distance. So go slow and enjoy the environment :)

Week 6

Hang, squat and run

Hopefully and your mate(s) have found a great outfit. Within a few days it's the BIG day. I'm sure that you've prepared enough physically for Muddy Mates. You don't want to get injured just before so if you want to, you can take your rest and save all your energy. If you feel better with a last prep workout, well here you go!

Go to a park where you can hang on a bar at the playground

Jog with a slow pace for 5 minutes and do some arm swings while jogging. Stop in front of the bar. Do 20 airqsuats and than hang on the bar for as long as you can. This is one round. Keep repeating until you've done 5 rounds.

See you in the MUD!

Week 7 - Recovery (Say bye bye to sore muscles)

The feeling of glory when you finished your workout can rapidly change in to heavy pain. Sore muscles that make you walk like a duck or move around like a 90 year old. How can we recover more quick from sore muscles? These are Edmundo's recommendations :)

#1 Drink 2 or 3 glasses of water extra. Your body loses fluid during the running and exercises. Your muscles need enough water to bring the good nutrients to the right places in your body. The extra water you drink will also move away the bad substances that are in your body. Remember, dehydration can even increase the pain. 

#2 Our bodies have the capacity to recover themselves. Therefore you need rest. It's a natural process and easy to apply :) Try to sleep enough (7-8 hours) and keep away from stress. On the other hand resting doesn't means you'll have to lay on the couch the whole day. It's all about the balance between resting and being active. Tip: listen to your body, it will always tell you the truth.

#3 Always stretch the muscles you've used. The stretching should not feel painful and the position should be held to 20 seconds maximum. You can do it before (prevents injury, increase performance) and after (increase recovery) your workout. Try to relax during the stretching and focus on it. It's a important part for both your performance and recovery.

#4 If you like special gear you will love this one. I use it several times a week. This recovery gadget is the foam roller. Amazingly effective but also quite painful. Yet the results are so good you will forget the pain you'll feel when using the foam roller. Your recovery will improve big time. It's easy to use. Just put the sore spot on the foam roller and use your bodyweight when rolling over the sore spot. Make little movements to the front and back and keep the tension on the sore spot. With the foam you can give yourself a massage anytime you want. Tip: use it before your workout to improve your performance. Use it directly after the workout and on rest days to get rid of that horrible pain as quick as possible.

Well done Muddy Mates!

See you at the next one

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