Muddy Mates

De leukste modder race van het jaar

Gear must haves for Muddy Mates

Muddy Mates Gear Guide

So you've had a perfect preparation and you are ready for the race. Good for you! But which gear do you need to enjoy Muddy mates to the max?

#1 Your unders are really important. A close fit undershirt is a good choice. It will keep your body warm after your first jump in the (cold) mud. Your ''second skin'' can either be with long sleeves or short. Long sleeves will protect your arms more. But short or without sleeves will feel more comfortable when it's hot. You can find these shirts in running stores or big sport stores. Tip: try not to wear cotton as a under. Cotton stays wet and gets heavy.

#2 Also wear close fit leggings. To protect your legs and it will also prevent you from getting stuck to an obstacle. If you don't like the look of the legging wear a running short over it. A dry fit running short is light and always a good choice. 

#3 Wear a dry fit shirt over your unders. Dry fit shirts are specially designed to stay light and dry even when your sweating a lot or when your are enjoying a nice mud pool :)

#4 Last but not least your shoes. It will get slippery and wet so you'll need some extra grip. Trail running shoes give you this extra grip. There are more differences between trail running shoes and normal ones. Trail shoes provide more: stability, flexibility, and some of them are even waterproof. It's a really personal choice which trail running shoe is the best for you so when you go to the store, get some information by a specialist. Alternatively you could always choose to run in specialist running shoes from our partner fivefingers. They're even offering 10% off your next pair of fivefingers if you donate your muddy trainers after the event on the 19th April. See more details at

Good luck with gearing up and see you at Muddy Mates!!

P.s. If you really want to mix it up come in Fancy Dress.  We'll be giving prizes for the best outfits on the day.  You can get 10% of your costume from our partner  

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