Muddy Mates

De leukste modder race van het jaar

5 FAQ's about Mud Races

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    How fit do I need to be for Muddy Mates?

    Obviously the fitter you are the easier Muddy Mates will be. However if you haven't prepared then you'll probably feel a little sore in your body in the days after Muddy Mates. Still during the races you'll have big fun with your mate(s) with lots of laughing which definitely makes it worth it :) If you can run at a slow pace for 30 minutes then you're definitely Muddy Mates proof.

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    What is the best Mud Race for me and my mate(s)?

    Muddy Mates of course! It's in the middle of april so the temperature is perfect: not to warm, not to cold. Mud races during the winter are horrible and can be dangerous. Muddy Mates is also a guaranty for fun. A 5km race is perfect to start with if this is your first mud race. Muddy Mates is a 5km course with 12 challenging but doable obstacles that will be great fun to do.

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    What should I wear?

    Please read our previous blog post here and you'll be geared up to the max.

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    Do I need to eat and drink during the race?

    No. Be sure you have a good meal with enough carbohydrates 1 or 2 hours before the race. Also drink enough water before and after the race. We will be posting up more info about this later in the week so watch this space.

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    What do I bring for after the race

    All your friends and family of course to celebrate your achievement with drinks, food and music. Bring clean clothes and a towel if you want to shower. Also bring some anti bacterial gel or baby wipes for yourself (and your kid).

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