Henrik Stenson

"Bravo6 are a pleasure to work with. They helped Henrik achieve a great brand vision and online presence." - Sarah Skonby, Assistant to Henrik Stenson

Bravo6 worked closely with Henrik Stenson and his team to create a unqiue and defined brand vision to bring the personality of Henrik Stenson to life.  

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Stuck on Homework

"Bravo6 have helped turn our initial ideas into meaningful educational experiences across a range of web apps." - Teresa Watts, Stuck Ltd Founder

Bravo6 helped develop the Stuck on Homework brand from initial idea to market leader.

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Clean Up Britain

"CLUB wouldn't be where it is today without the guidance and help from Ross and the team." - John Read, CLUB Founder

Bravo6 worked closely with John Read to develop the online communication for the Clean Up Britain Campaign.

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Tom Tom Portal

"Bravo6 helped develop a really credible tool that was loved by the client" - Jeff Povlo, Scape Managing Director

Bravo6 worked with Scape to create an online internal brand communication tool to manage the TomTom Top Gear campaign

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